As the whole wide world mourns the gruesome murder of George Floyd, the Provost of West Coast University International, California, USA, Professor Kola Ige says it is high time all forms of racism are stopped while countries of the world uphold the spirit of oneness and that no race is inferior to another.
Speaking from his base in California, USA to our reporter, the distinguished Eminent International Professor of Economics lauds people across the world who formed a common front to condemn and protest against the injustice and cruelty black people are being subjected to, in the hand of self-acclaimed world power.
Describing the murder of Floyd as a premeditated brutality of innocent citizen by Minneapolis police, Professor Ige, who carved niches for himself in the academic world nationally and internationally quotes wife of the immediate past US President, Barack Obama, Michelle that “an attack on any black person is an attack on the entire black race.”
“The act of racism with its vagaries of white supremacy must stop, for we are all born equal. For the world to be peaceful, no race should see itself as being superior to another.”
“It’s not a crime being born black and it’s not an advantage by coming to this world as white. What should be paramount is that we should relate together very well on the platform of human operations, see ourselves as one and our unity in diversity.”
The Provost of West Coast University International, California, USA concludes that Late Floyd died as a hero for the black race and his death will forever linger in the memories of the people of the world.

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